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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin.

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 Our Mission

Science for Wildlife Inc undertakes innovative research to meet the challenges that our wildlife faces.

We bring together scientists, land
managers and community groups to
combine this scientific expertise with
hands-on conservation action. An
informed community is a powerful one.

 Urgent Project

You can help a koala today. Report a koala sighting,  make a donation, come out in the field with us. Scientists are using ground-breaking technology to assess and conserve koalas across Australia. Part of the research program is to identify areas where koalas still exist, so that we can prioritise koala populations for conservation...



San Diego Zoo global have joined our Koala Project ...

We are delighted to welcome San Diego Zoo Global as Project Partners to our Blue Mountains Koala Project. Together with their support and expertise, we will be initiating ecological studies of koalas in the World Heritage Area, to inform management and help us hang on to our iconic koalas.

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Please keep the koala sightings coming in!

With your help we have already re-framed the conservation question, from "are there any koalas in the Blue Mountains?" to "Wow, how many are out there?". We have a choice of at least 3 study sites to begin with where we know that koalas occur. We are now busy developing innovative new methods to find these cryptic koalas and learn more about where they live and how we can conserve them...